Planning Sucks

I wonder why I constantly try to stick to a five-year plan. They never work. I mean, I can’t really argue against making them—there have been a handful of times they’ve made my life easier—but in general, my feeble attempts at prophesying are never accurate. Usually not even close.

The wife and I have come to something of a cross-roads in our planning for the next two years. When I jumped on the grad school bandwagon, we both assumed that I’d be a stay-at-home dad for the duration of the program. Some recent changes (yes, I’m being intentionally vague) have caused us to rethink that, however, and suddenly, I’m on the job hunt. Fun stuff, fun stuff.

One thing I’m trying to work on is my ability to be flexible and to roll with the punches. So that’s where I am right now, constantly reworking, rethinking, reevaluating.

Photo courtesy of Jasmic.


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