Words I Love/Hate: An Introduction

I’ve been told my a handful of people lately—and read in a slightly smaller handful of books as well—that I need to keep a running list of words I love and words I hate. The purpose, I’ve gleaned from authors wiser than I, is twofold.

First, keeping such a list builds vocabulary. As I read, I pay closer attention to words, constantly analyzing whether I could see (or hear) myself using them, and when I come across words I don’t know, I’m compelled to familiarize myself with them.

Second, keeping such a list ensures that when I find a really good word I actually use it. Understatedly, I’m a scatterbrain. New information enters my mind and, if I don’t in some way commit it to memory, it leaves just as quickly. So a list is a perfect way to keep track of information that, while important, takes a back seat to more prominent matters.

And so, since I will be keeping my personal journal entries on this site, I figure this is as appropriate a place as any to keep my word lists. I think, though, to make the most of the unlimited space this handy little blog offers, I’ll create a separate post for each word entry, where I can delve into the etymology of each word and its derivatives.

Sound fun? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I promise, though, I’ll do my best to keep things interesting.


Photo courtesy of sAeroZar.


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